On The Road

Yolla Khalife is a French-Lebanese singer. She started her career by taking part in the creation of the group “Al Mayadine” with Lebanese composer and oud master Marcel Khalife. Yolla Khalife participated in many Arabic, European and American tours and several Lebanese and international festivals. In the meantime, she developed her own taste and conception of art. She combined singing with the body expression, making the art the language of the soul.

Her new release Fi Ltareek (On the road) was recorded between Paris and Beirut with young talented musicians as Rami, Bachar, Sary and Zad Khalife, and Aymeric Westrich from the band “Aufgang”. We can hear in On the Road instruments like, piano, cello, violin, or traditional near eastern instruments as the ouddarbouka, kanun, etc.

The music styles on this album are various, from traditional music to more contemporary music with electronic and some rap influences for example.