Treating the themes of love, woman and the freedom of expression, the third album of Yolla Khalife “Hawak” brings together poets from Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan and Palestine, as well as crops of musicians influenced by Eastern, classical, contemporary, Latin, jazz and electronic music.

Poets: Mahmoud Darwich, Houda Barakat, Khalida Forrough, Maryam Haidari, Rihab el-Helou, Talal Haidar, Nicolas Daniel and Samir Saady.

Musicians: Yolla Khalife, Mark Helias, Marcel Khalife, Sary Khalife, Rami Khalife, Rihab el-Helou,Ismail Lumanovski, Vasko Dukovski, Aleksandar Petrov and Bachar Khalife.

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 Have you heard the birds? She said… Her hanging eyes from the sky and her heart laid out on the bed … Her slender fingers point to the place of love…. and a flood of light over her face … They were around her like butterflies… and she was the queen… the nectar of a deepheaved sigh … the one who travels far away… Hymns whispered all the affection during the last farewell and they walked lightly and carefully to that exile .. How many times was exile an address? Exile from the self, the other, homeland, the place… the time.. the world… She won’t come back … not to her dream and not to anything else She slept long and deep … and on that day she awoke to hold him tightly to her chest, to smell his youthful body then she fell asleep. And those tears that we shed out of sadness and love, one day in June…